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👋 Welcome to the Escape documentation!

Learn how to use Escape to secure your vital Web applications. Our docs cover everything from initial setup, advanced configuration with extensive examples to alerting and integrations.

🤓 Can't wait to start using Escape?

You can directly head to the Quick Start! If demos are more your thing, you can request a live demo with our CEO!

The purpose of the project is to help secure your APIs: that's how Escape was created. Escape is the world-leading security scanner for GraphQL and REST applications, allowing to find and fix vulnerabilities during your development process, whithout the need of any trafic or agent.

Because Escape runs outside of your stack, it supports all GraphQL and REST implementations out of the box (present and future). Escape does not cause any downtime and has a Read-Only mode safe for your production and your customers.

Escape community

The Escape team has at heart to share their vision and build the future of Escape with the Escape community. Community members also take great part in providing the whole community a plethora of resources about Escape.

🤓 Want to join the community?

You can join GitHub and the Discord to share your ideas and opinions with other community members and members of the Escape team. If you're looking for news and updates about Escape, Twitter and the blog are pretty good places to start!


When having an issue or a question, the Discord is great first place to reach out for help. Both the Escape Community and core developers often check this platform and answer posts. Email support and the Crisp Chat (at the bottom right of the app) are also at your disposal to contact Escape core developers!