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🐼 Whitelist scanner requests

Using HTTP Header

You might need to identify when the request you receive is coming from the security scanner.

For instance, you probably don't want the many requests being sent to your server from the scanner to appear in your monitoring tool, or, you might want to enable the introspection of your server only to the security scanner on your staging environment.

For this purpose, the scanner of Escape sends a secure token attached to every requests it sends. The header name is x-escape-identifier and its value is an identification token attached to your application.

x-escape-identifier: {{your-escape-identifier}}

Thanks to this header you can detect incoming requests from the scanner in your server, to add any custom handling logic you might want on top of this.

You can find this token on your scan page in the CI/CD section as ESCAPE_APPLICATION_ID.

Using Proxy

If you want do scan an application behind a firewall, you may need to use our static ip proxy to access it.

Check the Client section of our Advanced Configuration documentation.

All requests sent by the scanner will be sent to your application through this proxy. The following IPs are used :

  • IPv4 :
  • IPv6 : 2001:bc8:47a4:61f::1