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Rate Limiting

When running scans, it's a common scenario for applications to set a limit on the number of requests they can handle within a specific time frame. Escape, while designed to be efficient, might sometimes hit these rate limits, especially when scanning applications with stringent request rate restrictions.

If you find Escape being rate limited by your application, there's a simple tweak you can make: adjust the requests_per_minute parameter of the client section. Setting this to a lower value will tell Escape to make fewer requests within each minute, ensuring you stay within the acceptable request limits set by your application.

requests_per_minute: 300

By default, Escape aims for optimization. It automatically adjusts the requests_per_minute value to make your scans as short and efficient as possible. However, it's a delicate balance – while reducing the requests_per_minute value can ensure you aren't rate-limited, it also means your scans will take longer to complete.

It's all about finding the right balance for your specific application needs. Remember, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy is paramount, even if it requires a tad more patience!

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