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Posture Management

The Posture Management feature in Escape serves as a multifaceted tool that provides comprehensive insights into your organization's API security posture. This feature goes beyond basic vulnerability scanning by offering detailed information on all resolvers that have been tested by Escape.


  • Detailed Request Logs: Escape's Posture Management allows you to review every single request that has been sent to each resolver during a scan. This feature is invaluable for debugging and understanding how specific queries or mutations might affect your API's security.
  • Performance Metrics (P50): Monitoring performance is crucial for any organization that aims to offer a seamless user experience. Escape's Posture Management includes P50 metrics for each resolver, helping you identify performance bottlenecks or areas where optimization could lead to better scalability and responsiveness.
  • Vulnerabilities and Sensitive Data Leaks: Posture Management shows you all vulnerabilities and sensitive data leaks associated with each resolver, providing a more targeted and context-rich view compared to the general "Issue" and "Sensitive Data" panels.
  • Improved Coverage Through the Status Column: One of the standout features of Escape's Posture Management is the "Status" column, which provides insights into potential gaps in your security testing. This column indicates areas where further investigation is needed, allowing your security teams to strategically plan their next moves for comprehensive coverage.