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AWStats Config Exposure


Detects publicly accessible AWStats configuration information.


To remediate AWStats Config Exposure, follow these steps:

  1. Restrict access to the AWStats configuration file (usually awstats.model.conf or any awstats.*.conf) using .htaccess or equivalent web server configuration to deny access from unauthorized users.

  2. Set correct file permissions to limit who can read or modify the configuration files on the server.

  3. Ensure that your AWStats installation is up to date with the latest security patches.

  4. Configure your web server to not serve .conf files directly to users.

  5. Regularly review your web server's access logs for any unauthorized attempts to access configuration files.

  6. Consider using authentication mechanisms to protect sensitive directories and files.

  7. If possible, place configuration files outside of the web-accessible directory.

  8. Use strong passwords and change them regularly if authentication is used.

  9. Conduct regular security audits to ensure that no unauthorized changes have been made to the configuration files.

  10. Educate users and administrators about the importance of securing configuration files and monitoring access logs.


Identifier: information_disclosure/awstats_config_exposure


Ignore this check

skip: true


  • Escape Severity: HIGH


  • OWASP: API8:2023
  • pci: 2.2.5
  • gdpr: Article-32
  • soc2: CC6
  • psd2: Article-95
  • iso27001: A.12.6
  • nist: SP800-44
  • fedramp: AC-22