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Exposed MySQL Config


Detects publicly accessible MySQL initial configuration file.


  1. Ensure the MySQL configuration file (my.cnf or my.ini) has proper file permissions set to restrict access to authorized users only, typically with chmod 600 on Linux systems.
  2. Store the configuration file in a secure location and avoid placing it in publicly accessible directories.
  3. Use firewall rules to restrict access to the MySQL server from unauthorized IP addresses.
  4. Implement strong passwords for all MySQL accounts and avoid using default credentials.
  5. Regularly update MySQL to the latest version to address any security vulnerabilities.
  6. Disable remote root login and create specific user accounts with limited privileges for remote access.
  7. Use SSL connections for remote MySQL access to encrypt data in transit.
  8. Audit your MySQL configuration and remove any unnecessary or insecure settings.
  9. Consider using MySQL configuration management tools to maintain and deploy secure configurations.
  10. Regularly review and monitor access logs for any unauthorized access attempts.


Identifier: information_disclosure/exposed_mysql_config


Ignore this check

skip: true


  • Escape Severity: HIGH


  • OWASP: API8:2023
  • pci: 2.2.2
  • gdpr: Article-32
  • soc2: CC6
  • psd2: Article-95
  • iso27001: A.12.6
  • nist: SP800-123
  • fedramp: AC-22