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Exposed SQL Dumps


Detects publicly accessible MySQL dump files that may contain sensitive data.


To remediate exposed SQL dumps, follow these steps:

  1. Immediately remove any publicly accessible SQL dumps from the server or storage location.
  2. Secure the storage location with proper access controls to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Change any credentials that may have been exposed in the SQL dump.
  4. Review server logs to determine the scope of the exposure and identify any unauthorized access.
  5. Conduct a vulnerability assessment to understand how the SQL dumps were exposed and address the root cause.
  6. Implement regular monitoring to detect any future unauthorized access or exposure of sensitive data.
  7. Update your incident response plan to include steps for handling exposed data.
  8. Consider notifying affected users if any personal or sensitive information was compromised.
  9. Ensure that backups and dumps are encrypted and stored securely.
  10. Educate staff on best practices for data security and the importance of safeguarding backups.


Identifier: information_disclosure/exposed_sql_dumps


Ignore this check

skip: true


  • Escape Severity: HIGH


  • OWASP: API8:2023
  • pci: 3.1
  • gdpr: Article-32
  • soc2: CC6
  • psd2: Article-95
  • iso27001: A.12.6
  • nist: SP800-92
  • fedramp: AC-22