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Fine-tuning Extraction Fitlers

Extraction filters play a critical role in refining the results produced by Escape's Inventory system. These filters use wildcards to hone in on specific API endpoints and secrets that meet predefined criteria, enhancing the relevance and precision of the inventory data.

Understanding Extraction Filters

Extraction filters function as precise tools that sift through the vast data collected during the exploration process. By applying wildcards, these filters allow the system to focus only on the elements that are relevant to an organization's specific security and operational needs. For example, an employee of could set filters to identify only those APIs that are hosted on but referenced within the domain, ensuring that the scope remains tightly controlled and highly relevant.

Default Filter Behavior

By default, the AI within Escape's Inventory intelligently adds extraction filters based on the initial setup and ongoing learning from your environment. This AI-driven approach ensures that the filters are continually optimized without requiring manual intervention, allowing for a seamless security monitoring process.

Configuring Extraction Filters

For users who wish to tailor the extraction process more closely to specific needs, extraction filters can be customized:

  • Location: Filters can be accessed and configured by navigating to Inventory / Settings / Extraction Filters within the Escape platform.
  • Customization: Users can add, modify, or remove filters based on their evolving requirements. This flexibility is particularly useful for organizations managing complex or highly dynamic digital environments.

Benefits of Using Extraction Filters

The primary advantage of using extraction filters is their ability to increase the precision of the inventory process. By focusing only on the data that matches specific patterns and criteria, organizations can:

  • Reduce noise and clutter in the inventory results, making it easier to identify and act on genuine risks.
  • Ensure that the security and compliance monitoring efforts are concentrated on the areas of highest relevance and potential impact.

Extraction filters are an essential component of Escape's Inventory, enabling organizations to maintain a clear and actionable overview of their API landscape and sensitive data exposure. As part of a comprehensive security strategy, these filters ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and that security practices align closely with business objectives.