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Integrating Mulesoft Gateway with Escape's Inventory enhances your API management capabilities by leveraging the extensive API management features of Mulesoft. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of API data between Mulesoft Gateway and Escape, enabling enhanced visibility and security monitoring of your APIs.


Mulesoft Gateway serves as a critical component in managing API traffic and enforcing policies. By integrating with Escape, organizations can ensure that their APIs are not only well-managed but also secure and compliant with industry standards.

Setting Up the Integration

The integration process involves connecting Escape's Inventory system with your Mulesoft Gateway. This connection enables Escape to access API configuration and traffic data for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.


  • Ensure that you have administrative access to both your Mulesoft Gateway and Escape accounts.
  • API access must be enabled on the Mulesoft Gateway.

Configuration Steps

  1. API Credentials: Generate API credentials in Mulesoft Gateway. These will be used to authenticate the connection from Escape.

  2. Connect to Escape:

    • Log into your Escape dashboard.
    • Navigate to Integrations.
    • Select Add Integration and choose Mulesoft Gateway from the list.
    • Enter the API credentials you generated earlier and specify the endpoints you wish to monitor.
  3. Data Synchronization:

    • Configure the data synchronization settings according to your security and monitoring needs.
    • Specify which aspects of API traffic and management data should be transmitted to Escape for analysis.

Benefits of Integration

  • Enhanced Security Monitoring: With Mulesoft Gateway integrated, Escape can apply its advanced security analysis tools to the traffic and configuration data, identifying potential vulnerabilities and compliance issues.
  • Real-time Data Access: Gain real-time insights into API performance and usage, which aids in proactive management and troubleshooting.
  • Centralized Management: Manage API security and compliance from a single platform, simplifying the administrative burden and reducing the risk of oversight.


Integrating Mulesoft Gateway with Escape's Inventory not only streamlines API management but also amplifies your API security posture. By enabling this integration, organizations can leverage the strengths of both platforms to achieve superior API visibility, security, and compliance.