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Integrating Axway Gateway with Escape's Inventory enhances your API management capabilities by utilizing Axway’s robust gateway solutions. This integration allows for comprehensive synchronization of API data between Axway Gateway and Escape, ensuring enhanced visibility and advanced security monitoring of your APIs.


Axway Gateway provides powerful API management and security features that are essential for the efficient governance of API traffic. By integrating with Escape, organizations can ensure a higher level of security and compliance across their API infrastructure.

Setting Up the Integration

The integration process involves establishing a secure connection between Escape’s Inventory system and your Axway Gateway. This enables Escape to access API configuration and traffic data, providing a holistic view of API activities.


  • Administrative access to both your Axway Gateway and Escape accounts is required.
  • Ensure that API access is enabled on the Axway Gateway.

Configuration Steps

  1. Generate API Credentials: Create necessary API credentials in Axway Gateway. These credentials will authenticate the connection to Escape.

  2. Connect to Escape:

    • Log into your Escape dashboard.
    • Navigate to Integrations.
    • Select Add Integration and choose Axway Gateway from the list.
    • Input the API credentials previously generated and define the specific endpoints you want to monitor.
  3. Data Synchronization Settings:

    • Adjust the data synchronization settings to match your organization’s security and monitoring preferences.
    • Determine which API management data and metrics should be transmitted to Escape for continuous analysis.

Benefits of Integration

  • Advanced Security Insights: With Axway Gateway integrated, Escape leverages its state-of-the-art security analytics to scrutinize both the configuration and traffic data, detecting vulnerabilities and compliance issues effectively.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Obtain real-time insights into API performance and usage metrics, facilitating proactive management and swift resolution of issues.
  • Unified API Management: Centralize the management of API security and compliance within Escape’s platform, reducing complexity and enhancing oversight.


The integration of Axway Gateway with Escape's Inventory streamlines API management processes and significantly boosts your API security framework. Leveraging the combined capabilities of both platforms enables organizations to maintain superior API visibility, security, and regulatory compliance, effectively managing the lifecycle of APIs from creation through deployment.