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Domain Names

Utilizing Default Domains

Upon registering with Escape's Inventory using a professional email address, the domain associated with the email is automatically set as the initial exploration scope. This domain undergoes a comprehensive process:

  • Subdomain Enumeration: Identifies all associated subdomains to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Public and Dark Web Searching: Searches both the public internet and dark web sources for any exposed secrets or leaked data.
  • API Detection and Schema Generation: Detects various API protocols such as REST, GraphQL, gRPC, and Websockets, and automatically generates corresponding API schemas.

This initial setup requires no user configuration, allowing the inventory process to commence immediately and seamlessly, providing valuable insights into the security posture of the domain.

Adding Additional Domains

For organizations that operate multiple domains, enhancing the exploration scope is straightforward:

  • Navigate to Settings > Exploration Scope > Domains in the Inventory dashboard.
  • Adding an additional domain is a simple process, designed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that even users with minimal technical knowledge can expand their inventory scope effortlessly.

AI-Powered Domain Discovery

Escape employs advanced artificial intelligence to further refine and expand the domain exploration scope. This AI technology intelligently discovers related domains—such as those belonging to subsidiaries—and evaluates them to determine their potential value to your inventory. While the specifics of these AI algorithms are proprietary, they are designed to ensure that only the most relevant and impactful domains are suggested, optimizing the effectiveness of the inventory process.

Managing Large Numbers of Domains

Rather than overwhelming users with the need to manually manage large numbers of domains, Escape's AI strategically curates the exploration scope. This method focuses on maximizing the relevance and quality of the data collected, rather than simply expanding the quantity. This approach ensures that the inventory remains manageable and aligned with the organization's security needs.

By leveraging both automated processes and AI enhancements, Escape's Inventory allows organizations to maintain a robust and comprehensive understanding of their exposure across the web, enhancing their security and compliance posture effectively.