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Internal Networks & Services

Escape's Inventory includes capabilities to extend the exploration scope to internal networks and services, ensuring a comprehensive security posture that encompasses all aspects of your infrastructure, including internal tools and services such as Internal GitLab or Kong instances.

Integrating Internal Networks and Services

To securely integrate your internal networks and services into Escape's Inventory, we provide an open-source and secure reverse proxy solution, delivered as a Docker image. This reverse proxy acts as a bridge, allowing Escape's Inventory to safely interact with and catalog internal systems without exposing them directly to the public internet.

Setting Up the Escape Reverse Proxy

  • Docker Deployment: The reverse proxy is packaged as a Docker image, making it easy to deploy in any environment that supports Docker.
  • Secure Configuration: It is designed with security in mind, ensuring that all communications between your internal services and Escape's Inventory are encrypted and authenticated.

For detailed installation instructions, configuration options, and best practices, please refer to the Escape Reverse Proxy Documentation.

By utilizing the Escape reverse proxy, organizations can seamlessly include internal APIs and services within their overall inventory scope, enhancing visibility into hidden or isolated parts of the network and ensuring that all elements are secured and managed effectively.