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💪 Expert usage

Escape's core philosophy revolves around being intuitive and accessible right out of the box. But, for those power users who crave granular control and fine-tuning, welcome to the "Expert Mode."

What's in the Box: escaperc 📦

This configuration file, affectionately named escaperc, is your gateway to fine-grained control over Escape's behavior. While it's completely optional, editing this file lets you go beyond the defaults, optimizing Escape for your unique application needs. You can either tweak it directly within our SaaS Platform or commit the configurations into your CI/CD for seamless integration.

Features at a Glance 🔍

  • Access Control Testing: Ensure only the right users access the right resources.
  • Tenant Isolation: Validate segregation between different users and groups.
  • Private Data Protection: Keep sensitive information under wraps.
  • Custom Payload Injection: Tailor-make your payloads for specialized testing.
  • Custom Authentication: Generate specific tokens and harness various authentication mechanisms tailored to your needs.
  • Whitelist & Blacklist Queries: Have full control over which queries get tested.
  • Coverage Improvement: Make sure no endpoint is left untested.
  • Request Frequency & Rate Limiting: Adjust how Escape interacts with your systems, ensuring optimal performance and thorough scanning.

🌟 Community Contributions
Our vibrant community is always excited to share their perfected escaperc configurations, pooling collective expertise for everyone's benefit. Feel free to dive in, learn from others, and share your own expert configurations!

If mastering every nook and cranny of your security strategy is your game, the "Expert Mode" is your playground. Dive in and harness the unparalleled depth Escape offers!