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What is AI-powered Inventory?


At Escape, we leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Generative AI, to power an advanced inventory system. This AI-powered approach transforms the traditional inventory process into a dynamic, intelligent, and fully automated operation.

How AI Enhances the Inventory Process

Discovery and Scope Enhancement

The AI uses sophisticated algorithms to continuously expand and refine the exploration scope. By analyzing existing data and user inputs (such as an email domain at registration), it can autonomously identify relevant domain names and areas that require monitoring. For example, registering with an email will automatically include in the scope, ensuring comprehensive coverage without user intervention.

Intelligent Filter Suggestions and Schema Generation

Our platform not only suggests extraction filters but also removes false positives, streamlining the inventory process to focus on genuine issues. Additionally, it automatically generates detailed API schemas, such as OpenAPI v3 for REST APIs, and supports a variety of API types including GraphQL, gRPC, and Websockets. This automation extends to documenting API characteristics like ownership, business use, and underlying technologies.

Unique Capabilities

Advanced Detection Features

Escape's inventory system is uniquely capable of detecting shadow, zombie, and legacy APIs without the need for any installed agent. This capability ensures that all aspects of an organization’s API ecosystem are known and managed, regardless of their age or visibility.

Sensitive Data and Secret Detection

A standout feature of our inventory is its ability to detect sensitive data and secrets across the web. Whether these are embedded in front-end applications or hidden in public Git repositories, our AI-powered tools identify and catalog them to prevent potential security breaches.

Integration and Automation Without Configuration

Our AI-powered inventory operates on a zero-configuration principle. From the moment a user registers, the system begins to analyze and build an inventory based on the provided domain, requiring no further setup or manual intervention. This seamless integration and automation allow developers and security teams to focus on their core activities, assured that their API and secret inventories are always up to date and accurate.

Escape's AI-powered Inventory exemplifies how advanced technology can be employed to enhance security, governance, and operational efficiency in the digital age.