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Audit Logs

Audit logs are an integral component of enterprise-grade security and compliance strategies. With Escape's robust Audit Logs feature, organizations can maintain a clear and searchable record of all activities, changes, and accesses within the system. This level of transparency is vital for ensuring accountability, troubleshooting issues, and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Audit logs are accessible under the "Organization" section of Escape's Platform.

Why Audit Logs?

  • Transparency: Get a clear picture of who did what and when within Escape.
  • Accountability: Track all actions to specific users, ensuring individual accountability.
  • Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements that mandate activity tracking and logging.
  • Forensics: Quickly investigate and respond to any security incidents or irregularities.


User Activity Tracking

Capture all user actions, from logins and logouts to configuration changes and scan initiations.


[023-08-20 10:45:12] User 'admin' initiated a security scan on 'Project Alpha'.

Configuration Changes

Track and timestamp every configuration change, making rollback and investigation processes straightforward.


[2023-08-20 11:05:30] Configuration for 'Project Alpha' updated by user 'admin'.

Access Logs

Record every access, ensuring you know who accessed which resources and when.


[2023-08-20 12:10:45] User 'JaneDoe' accessed the results for 'Project Alpha'.

Searching and Exporting

📅 Coming soon:

The Audit Logs interface in Escape offers powerful search capabilities. Filter by date range, user, or specific actions to quickly locate relevant entries. Additionally, for external analysis or reporting purposes, logs can be exported in various formats including CSV, JSON, and more.

Retention Policies

Configure log retention based on your organization's requirements. Whether you need to store logs for a month or a year, Escape provides the flexibility to define and manage retention policies.

Wrapping Up

Audit Logs in Escape aren't just about recording data; they're about empowering organizations with information. With a clear view of all activities, companies can act decisively, uphold security standards, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

For any further assistance or to understand best practices with Audit Logs, please reach out to our support team.