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Rotating Encryption


This feature is in Private Beta for Enterprise Customers. Contact us via email or your Private Slack Support Channel for more information.

As security becomes an increasingly complex and critical domain, protecting data in transit and at rest has emerged as a paramount concern. At the heart of these protective measures lies encryption. Escape doesn't just offer standard encryption; we provide rotating encryption, allowing organizations to keep their data secure and continuously up-to-date with the latest encryption practices.


Rotating encryption involves regularly updating or "rotating" the encryption keys that are used to protect data. By frequently changing these keys, you significantly reduce the window of opportunity for malicious entities to decrypt and access the protected data.


  1. Customer-Supplied Keys: Escape empowers organizations by allowing them to provide their own encryption keys. This feature ensures that the encryption process aligns perfectly with an organization's unique security standards and requirements.
  2. Scheduled Rotations: Automate the rotation process based on a predefined schedule. Be it weekly, monthly, or quarterly; you have the flexibility to decide the frequency of key rotations.
  3. Manual Rotation Triggers: If you believe your keys have been compromised or just want to instate a new set of keys, the manual trigger option allows you to rotate keys instantly.
  4. Key Management: Easily manage, view the history of, and audit your encryption keys within Escape's intuitive interface.

Benefits of Rotating Encryption in Escape:

  1. Enhanced Security: Regularly changing encryption keys minimizes the risk of unauthorized decryption.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Many industry regulations require periodic key rotations to ensure the utmost data protection.
  3. Flexibility: The ability to provide your own encryption keys means you have complete control over your encryption processes.
  4. Reduced Vulnerability: In the unlikely event that a key is compromised, its utility is short-lived due to the regular rotation, thus mitigating potential risks.
  5. Transparency: An intuitive dashboard provides clear insights into the encryption status, history, and schedules.

Getting Started

To set up rotating encryption and provide your own keys:

  1. Navigate to the 'Encryption Settings' within Escape.
  2. Follow the guided process to introduce your encryption keys.
  3. Specify your preferred rotation schedule or trigger a manual rotation.
  4. Review and confirm the setup.

With a few simple steps, your data becomes bolstered with the enhanced security of rotating encryption.

Wrapping Up

Escape's rotating encryption is designed for organizations that refuse to compromise on their data security. With the ability to provide your own keys and define rotation schedules, you remain in control, ensuring that your sensitive information remains inaccessible and uncompromised.

For further details, best practices, or support with setting up rotating encryption in Escape, reach out to our dedicated support team.