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👖 Slack notifications

To configure a new Slack webhook and receive notifications of new vulnerabilities directly in your favorite channel, head to the integrations page and click Connect in the Slack section.

The page will ask you:

  1. What applications you want to receive notifications for.
    You can select All applications if you want to receive notifications for all your applications, or select specific applications.
  2. A Slack webhook URL. (See below how to get one.)
  3. What kind of notifications you want to receive.
    Escape can notify you of scan results and configuration issues.

Click the Save and you're done!

🪝 Get a Slack webhook URL

  1. Create a new application on Slack API.
  2. Select Create from scratch.
    • App Name: Escape Scan Report
    • Workspace: where you want to receive the notifications
    • Click Create App
  3. Click Incoming Webhooks under Add features and functionality.
    • Turn Incoming Webhooks toggle on
    • Click Add New Webhook to Workspace at the bottom of the page
    • Select the channel where you want to receive the notifications
  4. A new webhook URL will be generated, click Copy next to the URL, and past it on Escape's integrations page.

If the procedure does not work or is outdated, please refer to Slack's documentation or contact us.