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Automating Actions Based on Events

Workflows in Escape are designed to enhance operational efficiency and proactive security management by automating actions based on specific events within your API landscape. These automated workflows allow teams to respond swiftly to new developments, ensuring that potential security issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Overview of Workflow Functionality

Escape's workflows operate on a simple yet powerful principle: WHEN an event occurs, IF certain conditions are met, THEN perform an action. This structure enables highly customizable responses to a wide range of scenarios in the API lifecycle.

Trigger Events

Workflows can be triggered by various events within Escape's platform, such as:

  • New Endpoint Detection: WHEN a new endpoint is detected by the inventory system.
  • New Issue Found: WHEN a new security issue is identified during a scan.

These triggers help teams stay ahead of security risks by automatically initiating responses as soon as new data or vulnerabilities are discovered.

Conditional Logic

The IF component of a workflow allows you to specify conditions that must be met for the workflow to execute an action. This could include conditions such as:

  • The severity of a detected vulnerability exceeds a certain threshold.
  • An endpoint belongs to a particular category or contains specific characteristics.
  • A vulnerability affects a critical system or data type.

Automated Actions

Once the conditions are satisfied, the THEN part of the workflow dictates the actions to be taken. These actions can vary widely depending on the needs of the organization and can include:

  • Sending Notifications: Automate notifications to be sent to specific messaging services, alerting teams immediately when conditions are met.
  • Emailing Code Owners: Directly email the code owners or relevant team members about the new findings or changes in the API status, ensuring that those responsible for remediation are informed promptly.
  • Creating Tickets: Automatically generate tickets in project management or issue-tracking systems like Jira, facilitating organized tracking and assignment of remediation tasks.

Benefits of Using Workflows

  • Increased Responsiveness: Automate responses to events, reducing the time between detection and action.
  • Enhanced Communication: Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are immediately notified about important changes or discoveries, improving the coordination across different teams.
  • Streamlined Operations: Reduce manual overhead by automating routine tasks, allowing teams to focus more on strategic security and development efforts.


By leveraging workflows, Escape empowers organizations to build a proactive and responsive security posture. These automated processes not only enhance the speed and efficiency of security operations but also foster a more collaborative and coordinated approach to API security management.