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SLA and Support for Enterprise Customers

Escape is committed to delivering a robust and reliable service to meet the demands of enterprise operations. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is structured to offer high-quality service tailored to large-scale needs.

Uptime Commitment

Escape understands that uptime is a critical factor for enterprises. Our infrastructure is designed to minimize unplanned outages and maintain a consistent level of service quality.

Non-Blocking in CI/CD Pipelines

We recognize that our tool is often an integral part of your CI/CD pipeline. Escape is engineered to not block these pipelines even in the case of an incident, ensuring your deployment cycle remains as fluid as possible.

Status and Availability

  • Status Page: To keep you informed in real-time, we maintain a Status Page that provides immediate updates on Escape's operational status.
  • API Probe: Enterprises can use our API Probe for an additional layer of assurance, allowing you to independently verify the availability of Escape services.

Response Time

We are committed to quick and effective problem-solving. Issues are acknowledged and categorized by severity levels, ensuring that critical matters receive immediate attention.

Custom Support Options

  • Email Support: Enterprise clients can reach out to our dedicated support via for issues that require detailed explanation and follow-up.
  • Shared Slack Channel: For more real-time interactions and quick resolutions, a Shared Slack Channel with our support team is available for enterprise customers.

Educational Resources

Beyond issue resolution, Escape aims to educate its users. Our documentation is designed to be comprehensive, aiding both Software Engineers and Security Engineers in understanding and making the most of our services.