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👤 Registration

Authentication methods

The very first step to use Escape is to create an account on our security platform. Our Authentication System is handled by Auth0 by Okta and supports SSO, Identify Federation, SAML, etc. for Enterprise Users.

Professional emails


Escape is for professional use only. In order to start using our security platform, it is necessary to register with your business email.

Regardless of if you register using an email/password combination or through single-sign-on (using Google), the business email rule is enforced.

The following is a non-exhaustive example list of common emails domain names that we currently reject:



Once you registered with a business email,, an organization named is created and linked to your account. Every further registrations using that domain name will be linked to this organization.


The organization is tightly coupled to your domain name, and it will be verified by Escape's staff following your registration.

If your domain is valid and approved, well you are all set to start a scan ! If ever your domain name is rejected by our staff, you will be notified by email. If this were to be a mistake from us, please reach out to us on our Slack community server